Extra Services

Get more from Viwom, from a small change or support for your campaign, to a complete full service, including creating e-commerce videos created from your URL

Make your video clickable

  • We make your video a Call to Action that leads directly to your website with just a click. Increase your CTR by up to 280% with this option.
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Campaign support

  • Video settings in your HTML template.
  • Includes technical support to HTML template of your clients campaign and make their video clickable through CTA.
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Full Service Campaign

  • Includes HTML creation based on creative material sent by the client (PSD). The HTML email template will be responsive.
  • CTA on the video and buttons to share on social media could be included.
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Video Email Training

  • Includes commercial advice
  • Technical training for your team
  • Combined with Viwom platform is a successful mixture to boost your video email business.
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Video for E-commerce

  • Includes the same feaures like the Standard Setup plus the creation of e-commerce videos.
  • Video product: from the information displayed in the URL of the product: price, features, etc. a video is edited.
  • Product video listing: from the information displayed in the URL of the product like a list of T-shirts, gadgets, etc.
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